Sabian HHX China Cymbal - 18 Inch

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Sabian HHX Chinese Cymbal - 18 Inch

Hot and dark addition to your cymbal set up

The Sabian HHX Chinese 18 Inch cymbal is fiery, fast, funky, raw and aggressive. If you need a cymbal that creates a furious roar with enough attack clarity to hear your articulation, this Chinese cymbal is the perfect addition to your kit. The sound is exotic and exciting and fits perfectly in modern rock and metal setups.

Carefully selected metal

Sabian have used their own B20 metal with a modern finish. This achieves a hot and dark sound and despite the 18 inch size, you still get a fast attack combined with a medium decay.

The benefits of the 18" size of the HHX Chinese Cymbal are the abilities to achieve ear-splitting volume when required, but the weight also allows for you to play very dynamically. The is also a large variation in the sound the Sabian HHX Chinese Cymbal can achieve depending on where you strike it.

A China cymbal of this size and quality can be seldom found within this price bracket and the 18" HHX Chinese Cymbal is brought to you by Sabian, one of the best names in the business and played and respected by some of the worlds greatest drummers.


  • Fiery, fast, funky, raw and aggressive sound
  • 18 inch
  • Great blend of attack and clarity
  • Excellent addition to any existing cymbal set up


ModelHHX China 18 Inch

Made in Canada

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