Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System


Model Name Korg
Brand KORG
Item Weight 5.3 Kilograms
Colour Black

About this item

  • VOICING Types: 5 REVERB Types: 4 FX Types: 3
  • Scene memories: 3 Others: Feedback suppressor, Center Cancel (channel 3/4), Phase switch function, Panning function Channel 1:
  • MIC jack: XLR type (Balance), 6k?, nominal level -20dBV LINE jack: 6.3mm (1/4”) monaural phone jack (Unbalance) with MIC/LINE switch LINE: 3.5k?, nominal level -20dBV, MIC: 7.5k?, nominal level 0dBV
  • MIC jack: XLR type (Balance), 6k?, nominal level -20dBV LINE jack: 6.3mm (1/4”) monaural phone jack (Unbalance), 7.5k?, nominal level 0dBV
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Product description

A portable stereo high-powered PA with high-quality sound. KONNECT is a portable all-in-one stereo PA system that provides a complete solution for both sound and convenience. It’s a single unit that has everything you need for performances, DJ, background music, or MC work in any situation: live shows, parties, dance studios, exhibitions, seminars, or presentations. Featuring clarity that’s unparalleled in any compact speaker, KONNECT delivers both powerful low-end and loudness. At the same time, KONNECT includes conveniences such as an interface that’s easy to understand and operate, a rich variety of EQ presets suitable for any source (the VOICING function), and support for wireless control from your smartphone or tablet.

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 8.9 × 9.1 cm


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