Laney Audiohub AH40 Multi-Instrument Amplifier

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  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Channels: 3 Channels
  • Drivers: 8″ Custom Designed Driver
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Laney Audiohub AH40 Multi-Instrument Amplifier

The principle behind the Audiohub range is simple: – Audiohub products are designed to give musicians the optimum performance, flexibility and sound quality for any given audio application.

Audiohub equals flexibility – true to their name Audiohubs perform with ease in any amplification application – keyboards, electronic drums, vocals, acoustic and electric string instruments as well as playback are all handled with ease.

The AH40 is an ultra portable unit featuring two independent channels: one designed to take a mic or line source, the other is aimed at playback devices, CD or iPod etc. The AH40 also comprises a Global EQ, master reverb, a remote socket for connecting an FS1 for switching reverb, a DI out and finally a headphone socket. Rated at 30 watts RMS and housing a 1 × 8” custom driver, the AH40 is ideally suited for a small solo performer or presentation where an AV aspect is required.

Audiohubs sound great – they are powerful and true – what you put in you get out but louder much louder. They sound clean and clear and should you wish to, the onboard EQ’s are powerful enough to dial out difference from venue to venue, meaning you get the best sound every time, all the time.

Laney Audiohub AH40 Specifications:

  • Cabinet Design: Carpet covered, dual position kickback cabinet
  • Power: 40 Watts
  • CD Input: AUX/CD input 3.5mm stereo jack Line Out
  • Channels: 3 Channels
  • Ch 1: Balanced XLR/Unbalanced Line, Ch 2: Stereo Unbalanced Line & Ch 3: Hi-Z Instrument
  • Drivers: 8″ Custom Designed Driver
  • Equalisation: Master 5 Band Graphic EQ (±12dB)
  • Headphone Socket: Yes
  • Inputs: Jack Inputs on all channel – XLR input on CH1
  • Kick Proof Metal Grill: Yes
  • Line Out: Yes.
Weight 10.900 kg
Dimensions 10.92 × 32.77 × 39.12 cm


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