Laney Guitar Amplifier, LX10, 10 Watt

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LX10 Amplifier
  • 1 x 5” Custom Driver
  • Clean & Drive
  • 2 Band EQ
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Size:LX10 Amplifier

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Size:LX10 Amplifier

The LX10 is a compact, simple to use practice amplifier delivering great Laney tone for electric guitar. With a 5” driver and 10 watts RMS the LX10 is a MINI tone monster. The LX10 allows you to find legendary Laney sound at a very modest price. Ideal for a beginner, the LX10 features a simple-to-use pre-amplifier with volume control and 2-band EQ. A Drive switch quickly adds overdrive. The mini-jack AUX input allows for connection of a playback device such as MP3/iPod/CD for jamming along to songs or backing tracks, plus there is a headphone socket – a great feature for private practice or silent late-night sessions.

Weight2.65 kg
Dimensions14.48 × 21.59 × 24.38 cm


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