Sabian 21-Inch HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal – Brilliant


  • A shimmering ride cymbal with excellent Crash capabilities
  • Crisp attack and warm undertones for hi-fi sound that is both warm and cool
  • Buttery soft feel makes this model incredibly easy to play
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
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These cymbals ‘breathe’ and ‘give’, yet are very sturdy. They are ‘airy’ in sound yet project and punch through the band. The opportunity to work ‘hands on’ with a cymbal company has always been my dream.” – Dave Weckl. Sabian 12012XEB HHX 20 inch Evolution Ride Hand crafted from SABIAN’s premium B20 bronze HHX Evolution is hand crafted from SABIAN’s premium B20 bronze, the most durable and musical metal used in cymbal making. They are protected by a special SABIAN two-year warranty.Expanding the award-winning HHX SABIAN Ltd. is pleased to introduce HHX Evolution, a range of drumset cymbals inspired by and collaborated on with SABIAN endorser Dave Weckl. Featuring the jumbo hammering; lathed surface; and raw, unlathed bell that contribute so greatly to the HHX concept of ‘Tone Projection’ – a combination of traditional tone and modern projection – Evolution models were created around Weckl’s desire for his cymbal playing to ‘follow the path of least resistance’. These Evolution models, with their glossy Brilliant Finish, respond to the slightest touch, making them extremely easy to play. An innovative ‘Total Response’ feature has been designed into HHX Evolution to boost its sensitivity and eliminate the need for players to ‘dig’ the sound out of the cymbal.What Dave was looking for Commented Weckl “HHX is the essence of what I was looking for. It has that warm tone I like so much, but it also has brightness in its high end. For me it’s very important to have the right mix – a balance of both. And that’s what Evolution is all about. It retains the low end, we’ve brightened the highs, and we’ve increased the sensitivity so that the lightest touch of a stick sets it off. But it’s not just a matter of being responsive, Evolution puts out its total sound at all times; even at very low levels. That’s what I was looking for: cymbals that offered the path of least resistance, so I could focus on what I wanted to play, not how I was going to have to play it.

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Dimensions2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm


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