Zildjian ZBT Series 16inch Crash Cymbal ZBT16C


  • A splendid fast crash with a bright high-pitched tone
  • Ideal for advanced, beginner, intermediate, professional
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Buy Zildjian ZBT Series 16″ Crash Cymbal ZBT16C online in India – India’s music equipment superstore.

BAJAAO India presents the Zildjian ZBT Series 16″ Crash Cymbal ZBT16C.

Made from the same energetic sheet bronze alloy as ZBT-Plus. An ideal first set. Great sound, great value. These cymbals begin as pre-formed disks that are shaped, hammered and lathed, like cast cymbals. Their voices have a higher pitch, more focused overtones and a faster decay than cast cymbals and produce a more consistent sound from cymbal to cymbal. 92% Copper, 8% Tin.

Zildjian ZBT Series 16″ Crash Cymbal Features:

  • Bright Intense, high-pitched sound cuts through the mix of other instruments.
  • Loud Sheet origin and lathing techniques create high-volume projection.
  • Fast Speaks quickly and brightly when struck then decays rapidly.
  • Consistent Pressed and lathed from sheets of uniform, high-quality bronze alloy.
  • Great Value Manufacturing innovation delivers Zildjian quality at affordable prices.
  • Brilliant highly polished, brilliant finish.
Weight 1.900 kg
Dimensions 47 × 45.7 × 11.4 cm


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