Zildjian ZBT22R Ride Cymbal (Gold)


  • Medium high-pitched tone Precise, clean stick definition Largest ZBT ride Medium-thin weight
  • Bright Sound
  • It is the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world
  • Zildjian also sells drum-related accessories, such as drum sticks and cymbal carriers
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Just so you know… Cymbals are not returnable. The Zildjian ZBT 22″ Ride gives you amazing stick definition with a bright, intense sound that can cut through the mix like butter. These sheet bronze cymbals are shaped, hammered, and lathed to Zildjian’s exact specifications. They have a higher pitch than the cast bronze cymbals you may be accustomed to and produce a more consistent sound. The ZBT line features precision lathing with a traditional finish. If Dave Grohl and Lars Ulrich rely on Zildjian cymbals, maybe you should too! Get a Zildjian ZBT 22″ Ride at! Zildjian ZBT 22″ Medium Ride Features: Great-sounding 22″ medium ride Sheet Bronze alloy uses 92% copper and 8% tin Higher pitched than cast bronze cymbals Focused overtones and fast decay Developed in the Zildjian Sound Lab

Weight 2.270 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 55.88 × 6.35 cm


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